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It always begins with an idea. No matter how vague or improbable the idea may seem, we know how to put it on a paper. Be it Animation or Live Action, Feature Films or Brand Films, we can get you started.


A team of professional and passionate writers, take your idea and turn it into an engaging narrative. An well-crafted script is the quintessential aspect of any film & video production project.


Once the Script is developed, the ideal next step is Storyboarding, which is the process of adding visuals to the words. We have a team of talented storyboard artists, who can fully visualize your concepts and map out the structure of the film.


And for those, who like to plan it right, there's Animatics. Our animators take the sketches and words and create a preview of how the film or video would eventually turn out.


Filmmaking involves a vast amount of crew members, joining the project at various stages. Often this leads to the vision getting lost in translation. Which is why often a Creative Director is required. Our Creative Directors are a bunch of producers and directors, with the required expertise to lead your projects.


Be it a video production or filmmaking, when you set out to execute your ideas, lot of aspects need to be taken into consideration. The Target Audience, Broadcast Medium and most important the core Narrative. A sound strategy is what makes this otherwise improbable project, possible. We consult our clients on how best to execute their ideas and turn them into an effective video content.


We are Filmmakers hell-bent on telling Stories

QuaGenius Films is a creative film production company based in Mumbai, India. We excel in creating value-rich IPs and Branded Content.
Our forte lies in the creative pre-production domain, however, we offer creative consultancy services spanning across all stages of film production, from idea generation and script development, through to live-action filming, line production, motion graphics, animation, editing, post-production packaging and social media promotions.


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